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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mechanical Turk

Are you ready for that next source of seconday income? We'll share that with you in just a moment. The objective is to get together many reliable sources that can each produce a small amount of money. Once you do that, you will find how easy it is to generate some additional income.

Have you ever heard of Mechanical Turk? This is a website operated by that lets you perform various tasks for money. These tasks are known as "HITS" (Human Intelligence Tasks). There are many HITS that you can perform. The HITS may include doing research, URL verification, search engine tests, writing an essay, or completing a survey. These HITS will pay you anywhere from one penny up to thirty dollars. But, be careful....and be selective. We'll explain why as we go.

Here is the process of how Mechanical Turk works. Sign up for an account at
Amazon Mechanical Turk. Next, you choose a HIT that you would like to complete. Once approved, the amount that the HIT was worth is deposited into your account. You can then purchase items directly from that account, or have it deposited into your personal bank account. It's that simple. But here are a few tips before you begin.

We personally stick with HITS in the .25 to $1.00 range. We are very careful at completing any HITS that are worth more than $1.00. Some are legitimate, and others are questionable. Some will offer you $25, but you (in our opinion) have to give way too much personal information, like cell phone numbers, addresses, etc. There are many college research labs that place various surveys on this site. Those are our favorites. Five or ten minutes spent to make .50 to $1.00. Each hour spent on the site usually earns about $2.50. Yes, way below minimum wage. But, we look at it this way. We perform HITS for 1 hour, about 3 times a week. That's 3 hours a week times $2.50, which equals $7.50 a week, or $30 per month. Wait, there's two of us, so we've generated $60 a month. Not bad.

Remember, take the small amounts that we can generate each month through various methods, and add them up. Hey, we will even keep a running tally for you as we share our secondary income methods. Mechanical Turk generates $60 a month for us. The other surveys that we spoke about in our last blog, between cash, dinner gift cards and other items, produce about $30 a month for us. So we are at $90 of secondary monthly income so far, for (honestly) doing very little. 

We have many other ways to generate income. We have some "big hitters" coming soon. We tried to start with the smaller income providers and work our way up. Stay posted...there's more coming soon! 

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