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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Karin Boutall: An Author is Born

Karin Boutall: An Author is Born

Where have we been? What happened?? Well, alot happened. After our last blog post, Karin's father passed away. This had a great affect on the both of us. This happened while we were parked and visiting with my parents. So, after arrangements were made, we stayed in Edenton, NC for awhile. While we were there, we decided to sell our camper.
      Why? We did have a wonderful time on the road, met many people that we keep in touch with today and visited beautiful places. But we both felt a need to have an anchor. A place that we could call our own and head back to at a moment's notice. So we our world tour for the time being. 
      To make a long story short, a friend that we met while working at told us that we should check out the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. While in NC, we took a few days to cruise down south to check it out. We enjoyed our stay in the city of Gulfport. It wasn't until we left and drove along Beach Blvd on the Mississippi Sound that we pulled into a small town called Ocean Springs. We didn't stay long, but fell in love with it instantly. We said that we would be back, and six months later we returned to live here.
      We rented a small place upon our return, got jobs and started to branch out into the community. It is beautiful here. We looked for a house to be that 'anchor' that we needed and we eventually found it. A cute geodesic dome located across the street from Simmons Bayou. So that is where we are. Craig has a nice job and Karin began to write. That leads us to the title of this blog.
      Karin Boutall is Karin's pen name. She has just finished her first book call "Community Gardens". The genre is cozy mystery. The story along with the characters are fictional, but the locale is loosely based on the likes of our community.
      We thank each and every one of you for your support and understanding. For those that we lost contact with, we would love to hear from you again. We do plan to get back on the road in the future. But right now, we are enjoying life! If any of you are ever passing thru Mississippi on I-10, shoot us an email. We have a little room for you :)

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