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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Real Estate

Real estate is a broad term that can relate to home buyers, investors and even us travelers. Let us look at some ways to save money, or make money when it comes to real estate.

If you are traveling in an RV, then your real estate is cruising with you down the road. But sooner or later, you have to park it. We save money various ways by planning our travels and mapping them out. We use a few websites that help us along the way.

One is We have used this site extensively during our travels. It provides a list of places to boondock, as well as having some spots with full hookups! We stayed in a small park with 20 or so spaces in Dumas, TX. They had electric, water and a dump station! We've also used this site to find spots in Indiana, West Virginia and several places along many highways. So check it's free!

Do you like casinos? Try this website: Boondock in a secure casino parking lot. Or find great deals at some casinos that have full hookups. We have stayed at casinos in Oklahoma, Iowa, South Dakota and Indiana. This is another way to save money. We even received credits to gamble with when we signed up for the casino club card.

Would you prefer to stay at a campground at 50% off the regular price? Then try Passport America. We joined nearly a year ago and have used this membership so many times! The membership paid for itself within the first 2 times that we used it! We have used Passport America 16 times within the last year and have saved several hundred dollars!

How about a way to check out real estate markets in various places before you get there? What's going on with the real estate market in Honolulu?  Do you prefer the east coast, maybe Myrtle Beach? Or maybe somewhere out west, like Portland? You can find out what's going on at these locations, and so many more, by checking out the website gives you an up-to-date look at the current status of real estate markets across the country. There are current and archived reports, blogs and various editorial contributors to be found here. Take a look at your area...or better yet, that place of the country that you really want to live!

Thanks to all of our new and loyal readers for stopping by. we hope that maybe just one of our tips will personally help you! Good luck....another article coming soon!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Make Money and Save Money

Make Money
We love to sell books! Have you ever tried It's very simple. Click on, enter the ISBN number from the book (the site shows you what number and how). See if it's a book that they will buy from you. If so, you ship it to them....and they pay for the shipping! And, most important, you get paid!
We will go to thrift stores and yard sales. We can write down titles that we think will buy. Hopefully we are not too far from the camper, or we have brought along our laptop to check right on the website to see if they will purchase it from us, preferably at a profit :)
We just sent 5 books in that we picked up at a local thrift store for about $8.00. We received just over $34.00 from via paypal. It was a nice profit of $26.00. Make sure you read the website and understand the condition that the books must be in. We have used them for over a year and have never had a problem with them. They have a list of books that they have recently purchased from people. This list will give you a better understanding as to what they are looking for.
But here's a quick tip between us and you: they love financial books and textbooks.

Save Money 
Do you like to use coupons? Then you have to see!
Get the coupons right from your printer. It's that easy.
Do you like to eat out? Well then, you just cannot beat the deals at! Get super cheap deals, again, right from your printer.

Make and Save Money
We have two places that we purchase and sell gift cards.
Have you ever received a gift card that you didn't use...or maybe you would just prefer cash. OR, how about a place that you can buy a gift card for less than it's value?
Try these two places:

Each of these sites have discount deals going on for various check them both out when deciding to purchase and/or sell gift cards!